We had a great team building event! The team of Ευ Ζην had everything planned and organized, giving us the opportunity to relax and enjoy the activities!
Well Done Ευ Ζην!
Looking forward for the next event!

Το feedback που έλαβα από τους συμμετέχοντες ήταν πολύ θετικό και κατά γενική ομολογία περάσαμε πολύ ωραία, δημιουργήθηκε πολύ ζεστό κλίμα που ταίριαζε με τον χαρακτήρα της εκδήλωσης.

Επίσης, είναι πολύ σημαντικό για εμάς, που εμπλεκόμαστε στην διοργάνωση της εκδήλωσης, ότι είσαστε διαθέσιμοι και ανταποκριθήκατε με επαγγελματισμό και αμεσότητα στα αιτήματά μας.  Αυτό δημιούργησε κλίμα εμπιστοσύνης που ήταν επίσης πολύ σημαντικό.

Very well organized, large staff, fun activity. Quick in and out, clean and professional. Innovative, great working stations. Very much recommended. Perfect for teambuilding and bonding.

We had a wonderful experience with EYZHN Greece. Everyone we worked with was professional, knowledgeable, and FUN! They made our experience in Greece seamless and enjoyable. Thank you to everyone on our project team, especially Eva & Costas!

Dear Vasia,

Through the pandemic we had to stay up to date and think out of the box with a more creative and innovative way.

EZGReece helped us to organize a 3-day virtual activity that enabled us to come closer in this unprecedent time and the whole Pylones team couldn't wait every day for this evening Christmas virtual activity!

Thank you EZGReece that you were our Santa for 2020!  It was a very successful and different team building activity!

We are grateful for the collaboration and we are looking forward to the next common activity!

The coolest thing about the cooperation is the team you create and the fact that one wants to return to Athens right now :)

Our teams had a pleasant time in Athens. They really enjoyed the surprises waiting for them in their hotel room. The experience was really nice, with a good mix of culture and nature.
Best Regards!

Thank you for your message and for the final cost overview. Your agency has been very reactive and provided service of good quality. I believe your professionalism makes EZGReece DMC a provider of choice for such incentive trips in the area. I also hope we get a chance to run another trip with you guys.
Best Regards!


The client was very satisfied with your services. He was especially happy with the guide Anna Mesonisanaki, as well as with all bus drivers and the quality of the coaches. And he appreciated your updates by mobile phone.

The only aspect that irritated him was the fact, that they had a 50-seater coach for 20 PAX. But that is a detail. I will order a smaller coach next time – if available.

Let me say “thank you” to you and Vassia once more for helping us with this difficult file on short note. I really hope that we are able place a nice incentive project soon. We are very positive about EZGReece, now we just need to convince our clients that Greece is their destination J

Best regards from Switzerland sends you!

First of all I would like to thank you for the whole organization.

The whole organization was perfect and the EY ZHN team very helpful and fun!

More in details:

The cooperation was perfect from the very beginning of our collaboration. Effective communication, very good advice while brainstorming and follow-up

The activities were pretty fun and with a good message. They helped us work as a team and strengthen our relationships (Group + entities). Concerning the facilitators, as previously said, they were very helpful. We also appreciated Vassia’s personality and how she managed to organize the group. We had only positive feedback from our guests.

Overall, we consider it as very a successful team building! Thank you for support throughout all these months!

First of all, I would like to thank you for your collaboration with the KOM group so that it was a successful event overall. The clients were very happy especially with the team building activity which was a high light for them despite the weather!
We have had very positive comments and the only things that were remarked were the wine at the Gala Dinner (which I had already mentioned that it was not up to standard that same night but many also commented on it) and that the band should have started with a few more recent tunes to get the people going however this is very subjective.
We are very happy of the collaboration with you and we are looking forward to the next event!
Warm regards

We would like to thank you for a great event delivery. All the special tailor made -for our company – activities that your team designed, were according to our needs and our objectives, all our team really enjoyed the team building activities and had a great time all together.
Thanks to your team, we had the chance to spend time all together, to share memorable moments, to feel the importance of teamwork, to get to know each other better and above all to learn the philosophy of “togetherness”.
We hope to have again a change to work together, it’s always a pleasure to work with professional, positive and creative people like the team of EY ZHN Greece DMC (EZGReece DMC).

Congratulations to all! Your professionalism impressed us all and you delivered a flawless 2 days event for Lenovo. Better Together was a great and successful event for all of us!

We strongly believe that the core of every company is their people, we wanted Lenovo Greece to make an impact and thanks to you and your people, we made it! I would like to thank all your team who where there during the whole event and helped us to make our wise come true!

Thank you, a lot, for your services and a great event in Chania, Crete, all the comments from our guests were highly positive and had a great time, we would love to work again with the team of EY ZHN Greece DMC (EZGReece DMC). The team building activity you designed had a great balance of sightseeing and fun the same time. If I could use three words to describe your team, would be: professional, creative and friendly. Everything was according to how we had discussed it.

Thank you very much, once again.

Our trip in cold Norway was one of a kind, we really appreciate the work you did and we could only be thankful for such a great and flawless trip. The itinerary had a great balance of sightseeing, activities and free time, none of our guests had any complain, of them gave a great positive feedback.

We are looking forward to start designing our next trip to on of your new destinations!

I want to thank you for the exceptional professional services you provided for me & my family during our time in Athens, Katakalon & Corfu. I am especially grateful to Clemente Pinedo, who recommended EZGReece DMC to me, since it proved to be a fantastic resource for our family. From the many airport pick-ups, transfers & tours--everything was executed perfectly. Our entire family found the tours to be thoughtfully prepared in every way and everyone wants to return to the beautiful Greek islands and spend more time enjoying your culture. I appreciate everything that was done for me & family to make our time in Greece very special—we had an unforgettable vacation. Looking forward to returning one day…thank you again!

I would like to say a big thank you for helping us to organize my birthday in Athens .
Everything went very well , the places you have recommended were excellent and the services provided by EY were superb .
Big personal thanks to Costas for being with us on Saturday until the end of the day and for helping to coordinate the activities .
All went very well and I'm grateful for all your help .
I'm more than happy to recommend the services of your agency to other clients if needed.
Best regards

We had an absolutely fantastic experience, from start to finish! Communication from the off-set was informative and precise and the facilitators on the day were amazing, especially Vassia who made the experience just wonderful for us all. Everything was just simply perfect, we could not have wished for more!
Thank you once again for a truly memorable experience.
Kind regards,

We have been having a wonderful time...and I was not checking emails (sorry).
All your arrangements have been perfect!
Costas was a delight...we enjoyed the walking & the 3 island cruise! All the Greek's we met knew of the area in which we live...Astoria. Everyone was so warm and friendly.
Everything must come to an end - flying home tomorrow????
Thank you for all your assistance! Regards!

Hello from Florida. I hope all is well. Our visit to Greece was great! Paros was beautiful. The tour in Antiparos with Reggaki was the best tour we have ever taken. That is one tour you should recommend to everyone. I was so impressed with their customer service that I left them $100 euro for a tip.
Thank you once again for all your great help! Everything was amazing. Enjoy the rest of your summer with your family and the holidays will be here before we know it. Take care!

We landed on time and our limo was waiting for us!

We let a French souvenir at the hotel to thank you for making our trip so smooth!

Thank you Christopher and should you come to Luxembourg or East on France, please let us know we will be pleased to meet you!

Kind regards!

Thank you from my heart for your kind email and your genuine words. I really feel overwhelmed by all your kind words....

Working with you over the past 10 months has been MY pleasure. It does not happen often to establish a genuine and good relationship at work and I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to meet you and everyone you have introduced to me in Greece.
I do sincerely hope this is the first of many experiences we will share together.

I am also overwhelmed by the experience we have just shared last week. The program
we all delivered was very very complex and over the top, and we did it!!! As the kids are returning to their families and regular lives I am sure they will realize all the adventures they experienced, how lucky we all are to have had the opportunity to explore Greece in such a unique manner!

My most profound gratitude Thanassis for your vision, honesty, leadership and most important to me: your friendship!

Last but not least, it has been fantastic to share the week with Kleon, what a remarkable young man!
You are an example for me and I am grateful.


Thanks so much for the note. Effie and I are I both very grateful to you and your excellent team for all the work you put into the program. It was a big success and largely thanks to your vision and execution through the week. All the extra details that made a big difference for the kids, too.
We would be happy to be a reference for you and provide comments etc. (Don't forget about videos of Effie!)
On a personal note I know that we have the start of a long friendship and many more times together. We would be happy to host Kleon in Chicago when he is ready.
We are enjoying Lefkada and off the beach now.

Regarding an evaluation:
-your concierge services were highly professional and you solved all our transportation needs, traveling problems like lost luggage, and guide us through the whole trip in a very efficient manner
- you are a very kind person and you dress very nicely
- very punctual and well organized trip
- everything worked
- good balance of cultural experience with archaeological visits and museums with excellent food in fantastic restaurants and lots of fun in the islands and places we visited. Spectacular views and sightseeing
- the Hotels and the villa in Mykonos were excellent
- the yacht experience was once in a lifetime experience. The crew and the chef were FIRST Class
- the transportation in Mykonos (the shuttle was amazing)
- the boat and ride to Delos Island was GREAT. How can we ever forget the evening with the stars inside the boat listening to Coldplay (Magic and a Night with the Stars)?
- for Santorini your recommendation for the best (reserved) spot to watch the sunset even if we have to prepay for sipping a glass of champagne was an amazing one
- the restaurant in Santorini which we chose was an experience on it’s own
- Great experience overall and we will recommend EY ZHN everywhere we can

Thanks for everything.
All the best

Greetings from Warsaw :)
Client has already came back from Mykonos and is very satisfied.
I would like to thank you SO MUCH for your time and effort and veeeery smooth cooperation.
I wish I had such a dmc all over the world to cooperate with :)
Could you be so nice and send me invoice please? As I have only proforma.
Thank you in advance for your answer and have a nice day.

Pozdrawiam / Best Regards,

I wanted to extend my thanks to you for your professionalism and expertise in arranging our family trip to Greece.
Everything went extremely smoothly. The planning and attention to detail were perfect. Your advice on what to see, where to get guides, the quality of the guides themselves, the timing of the agenda, the quality and location of the restaurants, etc, was simply excellent, across the board. We had an unforgettable experience as a family in Greece.
I would also like to extend top praise for Costas. Costas was a constant help whose work throughout the trip went well beyond the normal call of duty. He was energetic, knowledgeable, friendly, patient, always professional; and totally dedicated to making our trip smooth, anticipating potential issues and solving them promptly. He was great with our kids. Like a teacher, he had tons of interesting stories and anecdotes about life in Greece that we all learned from. During our one day visiting relatives outside Sparta he also served as translator and family historian. We literally would not have been able to meet and communicate with my family without Costas by our side. That he dedicated himself so completely to us during a holiday week, makes it that much more special. Our thanks to you for giving us Costas for the week!
I would recommend EY ZHN to any friends contemplating a trip to Greece.

Thanks & Regards!

The level of service we got was extremely high and exceeded all our expectations! Starting from the meet and greet at the airport and till we met the tour guide that was suggested to us in a very short time request, we were so excited so let me to tell you a little bit more about our experience with Anna! I would like to point out that Anna is the best one comparing to the many ones we have worked with while travelling all over the world! She is a perfect storyteller, she caught our daughter’s attention right away (that’s not quite easy, believe me), the way Anna presented the information was in accordance with Emi’s interests and age! And the thing Anna is a real professional can be the fact that next day Emi made a tour for the businessmen from YPO group, she was very excited and remembered every single detail from Anna’s story!
Our experience on the yacht was also amazing! The boat was new, very elegant, the crew was highly professional. Every single request was fully satisfied, with the attention and taking care of every detail, it was really touchable and impressive!
During the whole trip Mr. Thanassis Papadimitriou was in touch with us, taking care of us, interested in our impressions and opinion, answering all our questions and giving instructions to the crew! Having recommended us the best hot spots, such as the best beaches and the restaurants along our way!
Our experience with Mr. Thanassis Papadimitriou and his team was incredible, we had an awesome trip with the best 24/7 service!

Best regards!

We can all agreed that the event that we created was a huge success and, as I reflect on what has made it so, I would really call out these aspects:

You took time to learn about the very unique organisation we are. We are grateful to you for being willing to invest the time and energy to learn about us and our unique challenges.
We were able to swiftly get a shared sense of success which then made decision making and collaboration to create the finished product all the easier.
You were creative and adaptable and demonstrated close attention to detail which given the profile and the complexity of this event was essential for us all to proceed with confidence.
Finally, when faced with the unthinkable – the prospect of cancellation due to an air traffic control strike – you held your nerve, leveraged their truly enviable network of contacts and worked with us to patiently sit it out until resolution came.
Thank you all for your hard work, your patience with us, your unwavering good humor, and most of all for being truly excellent at what you do.

On behalf of the IT department of ALPHA BETA AE and DELHAIZE EUROPE, I would like to thank you for the proper and excellent cooperation during the preparation and organization of the event in Ble Pavillon on Thursday 09/11/2014. All participants really enjoyed the activities that you prepared and were able to develop the appropriate cooperative spirit in order to reach the top, whilst revealing strategy skills, preparedness, conflict management under stressful conditions and competition and eventually working perfectly in groups in order to achieve the goal you set for each group. The suggested venue near to nature, next to the sea was also proved to be a successful choice. Finally the delicious dinner and the participation of the percussion musical group entertained even the most hesitant, and left positive impressions and comments. Take care and we will be in touch for organizing similar events in the future 

I would like to pass on my sincere thanks to your company for everything you have done for me and my colleagues during our meeting. The dedication, professionalism and personal approach all of your team have shown has been fantastic. 

The overall feedback from all of my colleagues was how well everything has planned out. The team building afternoon was a huge hit with EVERYONE! The restaurants that were chosen for the event were superb, the hospitality of George at Kuzina and the all the staff at Dionysos was outstanding. The food quality was fantastic and we all thoroughly enjoyed the evenings. I have used agencies for events in the past, but have always been left disappointed. I have nothing that could have been improved.
Dear Themis, dear Costas, dear all contributors, EZGReece DMC

are very lucky to have people so passionate about their job working for them. You really have been outstanding. Your energy was endless, always on hand to help everyone and to make sure everything went smoothly.
It has been an absolute pleasure working with you all, and I very much hope to work with you all in the future on my next trip to Greece – be it business or pleasure!”
I wish you all the best until the next time!

From my side, I would like to thank EZGReece DMC team for their immediate response to all of our requests always with professionalism and consistency. The feedback from participants was very positive concerning both their attendance and their participation to activities. The outcome exceeded our expectations! Thank you very much, Fani.

There were 132 people attending the conference, with JTI providing specific requirements for the stage backdrop, the breakout rooms, the team building activity, sound, lighting and decoration for dinners outside and at the hotel.

Please know that George did a tremendous effort and was instrumental in the success of the conference. He is passionate about the job and very dedicated to overseeing all the details, that I strongly believe that the JTI conference was a real achievement. He organized very well with the EZ team and they were working very hard and very late at night.

There were issues that we experienced, such as the change of venue for the dinner due to the weather and strong winds, and I relied heavily on your team’s expertise to make decisions on where to have the Gala dinner. In just a few hours, your team was able to transform The Pergola into a beautiful gala setting. They had the light boxes brought down, added a colored green light on the bar to match the JTI color, projected green spotlights on the walls, brought in 3 musicians who played non stop the whole evening, so that the ambiance of the Pergola was really special. Everything was done with mastery and good taste and the arrangements were ready ahead of schedule.

I saw that George is very knowledgeable about the business and respects the wishes of clients. The team building was a huge success with all the participants coming back and commenting that they enjoyed the activity. My colleagues said that they learned many things about Greece and mythology from the activity. I believe that everyone appreciates Athens and your culture more, even though many of the people have visited the city before. The teams came back tired at the end of the day but as they entered “The Island”, all the tiredness disappeared and it seemed they found renewed energy because your team once again transformed the place into a magical setting with olive trees on the table, in lieu of flowers. Costumed dancers greeted the people by the door. The Gear Up activity was a strong reminder of the conference objectives.

All the members of the EZ team were well briefed and each person knew exactly their role and responsibility. Many times, George and your team stayed long hours to discuss the arrangements the following day, to ensure all was ready. Such commitment to work is commendable. Thank you very, very much to George and the "EZGReece DMC" team for a job very, very well done. - 

Thank you very much - and all members of EZGReece DMC involved - for the perfect organization of our team building activity, which combined excellent the tour to the city of Nafplio with the teamwork to achieve a mission and offered us much entertainment during the effort as well as during the award ceremony.

I really want to thank you for the great experience we had in Athens. Your willingness and the care of every single details you had, made our trip absolutely agreeable.

On behalf of the team that organized the annual celebration of the company, we would like to thank you and your colleagues for your help in creating for Abbvie the most successful event we've ever organized - according to preliminary comments from participants. Generally, we had an excellent cooperation and the success of this event rewards everyone. On behalf of Andreas, George, Zoe, Theodora, Nikos, Mary and Georgia I want to wish you good luck and even more successful events.

This year the PEPSICo Sales conference had a completely different style compared to previous years; The difference made ​​by the creativity and passion of EZGReece DMC team! Always on our side, not only as a company but as an organization with valued partners who give their best. With professionalism, handled even the most unexpected requests always calm and with humor. When you have such partners you do not have to fear anything! Thank you very much the team of EZGReece DMC!

Following our ancestors advice we chose EZGReece DMC! (which stands for well being).The secret of success? Great ideas, well organized, polite and willing partners, perceptiveness and Readiness, their choice of activities that promote team spirit and fair play. Those virtues led us to a successful event during which employees of our company competed, had a lot of fun, cooperated and understood the meaning of the word “well being” and the value of fair play! Thank you all.

Thank you for your help in the successful implementation of AXA Incentive Trip to Cote d'Azur. Special note for the excellent cooperation with you and your people, extremely important factor for the success of every trip we make. The organizers of AXA and the partners who participated in the trip, received direct, flexible and courteous service from all employees of the EZGReece DMC company. Thank you for your cooperation.

I really want to thank EZGReece DMC team for their creative ideas and the implementation of a successful meeting. EZGReece DMC escort was proved to be very experienced, proactive and rounded personality.

We would like to thank you for your excellent cooperation, rapid responsiveness and perfect implementation. The selection of the hotel was just perfect, a hidden treasure for incentives. We have only the best impression of your agency and we are looking forward to cooperate in the near future.

Your colleagues understood instantly our goal and vision, they came back with magnificent ideas and proposals that, in the end, materialized with great and unforeseen success. We will be in touch…

Our cooperation with EZGReece DMC has been and still is very successful with great results in each and every sector that we have collaborated at. The know-how of the high ranked executives, the vast professional experience of the personnel, as well as the client orientated culture of the company guarantee high quality services.

Your team that came to Olympia got to us and managed to bring together people that had been strangers up to that day. We all felt like kids!

On behalf of Iberia Team thanks very much for these three wonderful days in Crete! It is really great to feel as ONE team even when we work in many different countries. Special thanks to EZGReece DMC agency for an excellent organization! 

Thanks a lot for your support and for the total coverage that you provide. As far as our incentive trip is concerned, it was a total success, a reward as it had been very difficult to persuade the Greek clientele for this particular destination!

I can not express enough in words my gratitude for the wonderful treatment we received from you and your associates. You helped to make our first incentive to Greece truly memorable. We enjoyed ourselves tremendously. Thank you on behalf of our team

Just a quick note to simply thank you for all your endeavors, hard work, dedication and caring which made our incentive to Athens an unforgettable experience! The impeccable, flawless execution of a well-designed concept, coupled with professionalism and personal touch has been remarked upon by all participants – needless to say I am delighted as well and have now become yet another fan of you and your organization. Special thanks to Thanassis for running such a high class company – and for having such a wonderful team member like you are! 

I personally had a great time because our group escort kept care of everything and was in track of things without being too insistent. His experience and his good intentions for all of us kept us upbeat during our stay. I would like to thank you both and give congratulations to EZGReece DMC for this wonderfully organized incentive to Greece.

First of all I would like to thank you for the whole organization. The whole organization was perfect and the EY ZHN Greece DMC team very helpful and fun!
More in details:
A. The cooperation was perfect from the very beginning of our collaboration. Effective communication, very good advice while brainstorming and follow-up
B. The activities were pretty fun and with a good message. They helped us work as a team and strengthen our relationships (Group + entities). Concerning the facilitators, as previously said, they were very helpful. We also appreciated Vassia’s personality and how she managed to organize the group. We had only positive feedback from our guests. Overall, we consider it as very a successful team building! Thank you for support throughout all these months!

Finally! I am getting around to properly thanking you for a fabulous Greek experience! We had the time of our lives! You were so awesome taking care of everything. Thank you for providing all the wonderful memories… the rooftop restaurant in Athens to Greek dancing in every port – You know how to live!

On behalf of our entire team I want to thank both of you as well as Kostas for making our event a big success. Unfortunately I do not have Kostas' email address but I will also send him a message via WhatsApp.

  Your services throughout the preparations as well as on-site have been fantastic and very professional. We did not have to worry about anything and simply enjoy our stay. Kostas was very proactive on-site with attention for every detail. We will definitely recommend you to other groups who need to organize events in Greece.

  Your recommendations for events and restaurants have been the best and I specifically want to highlight the Attikos restaurant. The quality of the food was outstanding, the service great and the views breathtaking.

Keep that one on the list for future groups! Despite the heat, the Olympic Games were also a big success and appreciated by all. The dinner on the last evening at NAOBB is definitely also worthwhile recommending to other groups who look for an informal location with good quality food. It was a nice ending to our event.

  A big THANK YOU to all of you and hopefully we will have an opportunity to work with you again for a future event.


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Chalandri 152 32, Athens - Greece
Tel: +30 210 6754300
Email: info@ezgreece.gr

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