Colgate employees receive their gifts with a twist!

Colgate employees receive their gifts with a twist!

Colgate’s annual Christmas gift giving had to adapt to unusual times this year…

So, EY ZHN Greece got creative!

Having in mind that most work from home and that we cannot get all together, EY ZHN Greece Team along with the famous presenter George Lianos and a cameraman visited 49 employees at their homes in Athens where they delivered their gifts. However, the employees had to earn their gifts by completing fun challenges set by the always enjoyable presenter!

After all employees received their gifts, they attended a virtual meeting where everyone had the chance to exchange wishes for the new year, play yet another fun game and enjoy a video of the gifts’ delivery and a small award ceremony of their kids participation in cooking and painting contests! George Lianos, from the Dominican Republic this time, helped create a unique virtual meeting to remember!

EZGReece DMC, is always happy to plan everything from A to Ω (Z) with a keen eye for details:

  • New concept creation
  • Virtual event
  • Organization of gift deliveries
  • 49 gift deliveries in person

I would like to thank you once more for the success of our annual Christmas event. This year, the circumstances were different than we are all used to and still you managed to help create a special, unique, imaginative event that brought joy to all our colleagues.

Special thanks to Themis for being by our side from the very beginning and help set up the project step by step. Being available 24/7 to our ideas that came up at any time, he also stayed patient, flexible and always positive facing all difficulties.

Many thanks to Nasos who helped significantly on the back stage of the first part of our project, but also at a key point of our virtual game.

Of course, we would like to thank Vassia whose presence helped tackle any difficulty that occurred, and Thanassis, the founder of this company that we have worked with great success on numerous events throughout the years.


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