Drive-in: The new trend in corporate meetings

Drive-in: The new trend in corporate meetings

Are you already fed up with the virtual meetings and events?

Do you consider yourself as a social individual that needs to interact with real people in real time? So do we!

This  is how our latest idea, that is soon to become the new trend in the corporate world, was born! Drive-in events!

Visualise it:

A central stage with the necessary branding, all your employees attending physically but in the safety of their own cars, staff on roller blades serving snacks and drinks… and you have the beginning of a fun, innovative idea that will bring you all back together again safely!

Depending on your needs, we can host this on multiple venues (indoors, or outdoors), for any occasion, be it a meeting or conference or even you next team-building activity.

You know us though…

The surprise factor is always present on everything we create, so get ready for a new exclusive experience design just for you!

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