Children Wishes to become real

Making children’s wishes come true! Making children’s wishes come true!

Imagine someone fulfilling your wishes ... and now imagine if you were a child who had been deprived of many things.

We can help your employees make as many children's wishes as possible come true! A new activity named "Team effort for every wish" focuses on bringing together an institution for children and your employees with the purpose of having the children express their wishes and your employees working together in order to fulfil them!

Case Study: A day event for 250 pharmaceutical executives in the indoor basketball court of Pelion in order to implement the wishes of 30 children from the orphanage of Volos. Their wishes were simple ... personal ... ordinary ... and they were seeking a "magical recipient" that would make them real. The team delivered libraries for the children's rooms, paintings of every child’s favorite theme, bicycles with features of every child’s hero and most importantly the companies’ executives were there to give them a warm welcome and cook for the children who came in person to receive their gifts!

It has been shown that fulfilling wishes contributes to INCREASING children’s STRENGTH and this is reflected in the significant improvement of both their mental and physical health!



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