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There were 132 people attending the conference, with JTI providing specific requirements for the stage backdrop, the breakout rooms, the teambuilding activity, sound, lighting and decoration for dinners outside and at the hotel.

Please know that George did a tremendous effort and was instrumental in the success of the conference. He is passionate about the job and very dedicated to overseeing all the details, that I strongly believe that the JTI conference was a real achievement. He organized very well with the EZ team and they were working very hard and very late at night.

There were issues that we experienced, such as the change of venue for the dinner due to the weather and strong winds, and I relied heavily on your team’s expertise to make decisions on where to have the Gala dinner. In just a few hours, your team was able to transform The Pergola into a beautiful gala setting. They had the light boxes brought down, added a colored green light on the bar to match the JTI color, projected green spotlights on the walls, brought in 3 musicians who played non stop the whole evening, so that the ambiance of the Pergola was really special. Everything was done with mastery and good taste and the arrangements were ready ahead of schedule.

I saw that George is very knowledgeable about the business and respects the wishes of clients. The teambuilding was a huge success with all the participants coming back and commenting that they enjoyed the activity. My colleagues said that they learned many things about Greece and mythology from the activity. I believe that everyone appreciates Athens and your culture more, even though many of the people have visited the city before. The teams came back tired at the end of the day but as they entered “The Island”, all the tiredness disappeared and it seemed they found renewed energy because your team once again transformed the place into a magical setting with olive trees on the table, in lieu of flowers. Costumed dancers greeted the people by the door. The Gear Up activity was a strong reminder of the conference objectives.

All the members of the EZ team were well briefed and each person knew exactly their role and responsibility. Many times, George and your team stayed long hours to discuss the arrangements the following day, to ensure all was ready. Such commitment to work is commendable. Thank you very, very much to George and the "EZ Greece" team for a job very, very well done. - 
Mary Elizabeth Zulaybar Manager  
VIP Corporate Events JT International SA - Geneva



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