Associates Summer Event 2020

Associates Summer Event 2020 Associates Summer Event 2020

ATHENS July 25, 2019 - Today EY ZHN Greece celebrated its own people, the people who are behind every activity, every event, every unforgettable moment; The theme of the feast was the new activity presented by EZTeam. Domotel Kastri Hotel composed the scenery of the new EZexperience, Once Upon A Murder, which is based on the popular board game, Clue.

Fun starts from the inside!

All #EZTeam members were invited to solve the mystery of a murder in a Kingdome far far Away. The character cards were dealt. Everyone got dressed up. As the evening was escalating the news were spread that Cinderella was missing. Was it a murder? Did she leave Prince Charming? Was she kidnaped? This is when the experience begins.

After the resolve of the mystery, everyone had the time to chat, over dinner, about EY ZHN Greece DMC and the upcoming activities and events. The dinner easily turned into a party with music, drinks and lots of laughter and funny moments. “The opinion of the people who are in the field of every project is what matters most”, mentioned Vassia Birliraki, who leads the DMC and activities department of EY ZHN Greece Group. “This Summer Event marks the beginning of a series of similar events – meetings with our external EZTeam; it’s our way to thank everyone for their support and contribution to EY ZHN Greece Group and show that we care about their opinion by turning every request into an action.”

The creative team of EY ZHN Greece DMC scheduled the next meeting for autumn and promised that soon new activities will be added to the agenda.

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