Encouraging leadership skills on a 7 day odyssey in Athens and the Saronic Islands

Encouraging leadership skills on a 7 day odyssey in Athens and the Saronic Islands Encouraging leadership skills on a 7 day odyssey in Athens and the Saronic Islands

At A Glance

EZGReece organised a 7 day event with a variety of activities in different locations to encourage leadership skills and teamwork, as well as for participants to explore their own personal potential. From the ancient streets of Athens to the archaeological sites of the classical era, the guests walked, sailed and swam with some of the most influential figures in Greek history and mythology.


• A ‘Walk in the footsteps of Socrates’, treading the path of the great philosopher in Athens while learning more about his thoughts on life and the places he frequented.
• A fun activity followed where everyone was attributed the persona of a famous character from Greek mythology.
• A visit to Arachova at Mt. Parnassos to explore the Korykeion Andron Cave. Originally a sacred site for the worship of Pan, it was later associated with the cult of Apollo and is an amazing cavern full of stalactites and stalagmites.
• On to Delphi to take part in a re-enactment of the ancient ritual of “consulting the oracle”. A truly atmospheric location to learn more about the ancient belief in fate and the will of the gods.
• A traditional baking class with the locals before heading back to Athens.
An exhilarating sail to the island of Poros and then on to Spetses while retracing the journey of Ulysses and his encounter with the cyclops. Great activities amongst the small coves, where guests really got into the part of the hero.
• Bike rides and archery lessons on a beautiful beach in Spetses, providing great bonding and communication activities.
• A trip to historic Nafplion and then on to Ancient Nemea to compete in a real olympic stadium. A traditional laurel wreath, ancient Greek style, was the ultimate award!
• The crossing of the Corinth Canal wrapped up the whole experience, leaving all of the guests feeling like a real team.


Through competing, cooperating and communicating, all of the challenges gave the guests a great sense of achievement and camaraderie. Moments of mystery, amusement and adventure were captured in a modern day odyssey that retraced ancient myths and created unique experiences. No doubt, everything that the guests learnt and felt will stay with them as very special memories of their time in Greece.

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