A totally different Treasure Hunt “rocked” Arachova

A totally different Treasure Hunt “rocked” Arachova A totally different Treasure Hunt “rocked” Arachova

EY ZHN Greece organized for Johnson & Johnson Hellas an experiential Treasure Hunt in the picturesque village of Arachova during the 3-day annual meeting of the company.

The participants took advantage of their personal skills as well as the powerful brand equity of their company. They succeeded in engaging their core products through challenging “real life” activities & scenarios as well as in a series of edutainment (education + entertainment) activities, aimed to support the participants to realize, explore & further develop their potential as individuals & as team members. Obviously, Johnson & Johnson Hellas was the talk of the town!
Following the energizing and competitive action coming from the Treasure Hunt, the participants were divided in teams. Through appropriate communication actions, teamwork & effective coordination, they succeeded in completing a large scale Gearing Up installation; by giving motion to the gears that revealed in a creative way, the key messages & mottos of the event!

Venue: Arachova, Anemolia Resort & Conference

Date: January 21th - 23th, 2015

Type of Event: Team Activity, Hospitality, Hotel Arrangements, F&B Arrangements, Meeting Arrangements, Transfers

Moments in Time | What Remains: The moment when the Gear up Mechanism connected all in an impressive finale of simulation the excellent running and operating effectiveness of Johnson & Johnson!

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